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Lade Electric Supply

Founded in the humble Atlanta suburb of Tucker, from the start Lade Electric believed in providing quality products, knowledgeable staff, and the best customer service. For 50 years we have lived those values and are proud to be one of the best electrical supply houses in the southeast. Throughout our history, we have supplied products for all electrical trade sectors, including residential & commercial contractors, industrials, utilities, and construction companies. We know how crucial it is to electrical contractors and construction owners to get the products they need, when they need them, and at prices that don’t bust the budget.

Today, the company boasts a 150,000-square-foot distribution center in our hometown of Tucker, GA with over $15 million in-stock inventory and a dedicated team across multiple electrical supply branch locations who can work with you to find the best products for every project, large or small.

Our growth can be attributed to our dedication to customer service and forming partnerships with industry giants. But in that growth, we never forgot our roots as your hometown supply house and we never lost our founding principals. We are proud to still call Georgia our home and we are honored to provide our customers the best of both worlds.

Powerhouse Distributor + Hometown Service

Put simply, our customers experience the product selections and service capabilities of a large multinational company with the dedication to customer service and local needs of your hometown supply house. We can do things the other guys can’t!

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Our Talented Team

regional SERVICE

Top service across
the Southeast

We may have started in shadows of Atlanta but our commiment to our cutomers goes Way Beyond the state line. Our products and customers service can be seen throughout the southeast. No matter what the job demands and no matter where it takes you, Lade Supply is your partner to crush your project and
Danlar Lighting

Brilliant Lighting & Design

Are you in need of decorative lighting or lighting design assistance for your next project? Look to Danlar Lighting, where passion for lighting excellence meets unmatched expertise. With nearly two decades of trust from builders, designers, and homeowners, we are the go-to name for all your lighting needs. our team of experts crafts custom lighting packages tailored to your unique vision. Illuminate your spaces with brilliance and distinction – discover the art of exceptional lighting design with Danlar Lighting.

Lade Electric Supply and Danlar Lighting are part of U.S. Electrical Services Inc. proudly serving customers throughout the southeast. As part of the USESI family, we have access to a nationwide network of locations resources, including cutting-edge technology and industry-leading products, to ensure that we always provide the best solutions to our customers no matter where the job takes you. Our team of experts is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and challenges, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet those needs. No matter if the job is big or small, close to home or across the country, we are ready and equipped to meet all your electrical supply and lighting needs. Our commitment to excellence means that we always go Way Beyond to ensure that our customers have access to the best products, services, and support available.
our values

The Fabric of Our Culture

Our values are central to our organization, our culture, and our vision. Not only do they help define who we are, they knit the organization together through common ideals, practices, and principles.

One Team

Of all of our values, this is paramount and it is central to all of our other values. We succeed because we are a team of individuals who champion the successes of each other.

Win Together

We win together and we acknowledge those who help us win. We are stronger because of each other, therefore we build each other up. We do this because we believe in each other and because we all become better together.

Be Truthful

Truth is foundational to trust. Without it, all other values fall apart. It is the first test, to be truthful, by which all of our other values either stand, or fall.

Truth is a cornerstone that cannot be compromised.

Relentless Drive

Relentlessly driven people live here. It is who we are. We recognize that living life to its fullest happens at home, in our communities, and at work. We see the drive to succeed as a holistic and intentional approach to cultivate healthy and thriving families, to make our communities better, and to succeed in our workplaces.

We are relentlessly driven for these things.

Empower People

Our people and the amazing things they do; this is what makes us great today and what will make us even greater in the future. We are relentlessly committed to the development of those who espouse the values of this organization and work hard to better themselves and the organization. We fight to create opportunities for all individuals to grow beyond what they believed was possible.

You are the champion of your destiny and we are here to help you succeed.

Live with Purpose

We believe that who we are and what we do matters. Therefore, we should live in a manner that impacts the world around us.
We aspire to create an environment where we can all live and work with a sense of value and belonging. When we realize that what we do matters, we find self purpose, clarity, and meaning. So, do things that matter, because you matter and so do the people around you.

Exceed Expectations

Because the status quo is a dying proposition, we work hard to set the standard for what is great through innovation, solutions, and a customer first approach.

We don’t exist to compete at the average. We go Way Beyond.

Be Humble

We didn't get where we are by being arrogant or perfect. It wasn't because we were too good to be defeated, or because of what a single one of us did.

Pride will disappoint us. It will lead us to complacency, and complacency will destroy us. It is humility that allows us and those around us to become better, much more than for us to simply accomplish.


This is the battle cry of our values. In all that we do, we use our values to improve our work, our relationships, and ourselves.

Electrify your values, electrify your career, electrify your life.


Our History


Lade Electric founded by Jack Lade


Lade Electric purchased by Mike Harper


Danlar Lighting founded by Sonya Cook


Danlar Lighting opens Conyers, GA Showroom


Lade Electric purchased by Wade Townsley and Mitch Tinney becoming Lade Electric Supply


Lade Electric Supply and Danlar Lighting join USESI and merged, creating Lade-Danlar


Danlar Lighting moves showroom to downtown Monroe, GA


We return to our roots by operating as Lade Electric Supply and Danlar Lighting once again. With each business unit focusing on their unique market segments. 


Lade Electric Supply celebrates 50 years of service.

U.S. Electrcial Services, Inc

USESI is a proudly American-owned and operated electrical supplier with over 2,000 employees spread across 150 locations. These locations are part of our 12 regionally managed electrical distribution and service-related companies. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the breadth of products and services we offer, beyond just electrical supplies and services.

We are proud to have a team of industry experts, offering a variety of value-added services. These include prefabrication and assemblies, vehicle, supply room, and cart storage solutions and management, energy audits, utility rebates, and renewable solutions, and electrical and lighting training programs. These offerings reflect our commitment to going above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs and provide comprehensive solutions to their unique challenges.


Electrify Your Career

Join a team where growth, trust, respect, and purpose are more than just words on a poster. At Lade Electric, we break the mold and challenge ourselves to be the best, pushing boundaries every day. We’re looking for individuals who are just as passionate as we are about lifting each other up to achieve success. Our team is made up of go-getters who take control of their careers, and we’re here to help you make the most of it. Let’s break conventions together and unleash your potential at Lade Electric.


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At Lade Supply we do more than just sell electrical supplies. We offer a wide range of services to help you beat the competition. Our team is here to help find the answers and solutions you need your next project. Contact us today to find out what is means when your supply house goes Way Beyond.


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